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Driving Test Report

Drive My Life

Take the wheel to safer roads today – join Drive My Life and empower yourself with the skills to drive confidently and responsibly.


Drive My Life – Taraiwa Mataora is a community mentoring driver licensing program by Southern REAP, aimed at vulnerable members of Invercargill and Southland. The programme equips participants with the knowledge and skills needed to obtain learner, restricted, and full licenses, significantly reducing the number of unlicensed drivers on our roads.

Identified as high-risk areas for young drivers, Invercargill and Southland face frequent license breaches due to resource barriers. Drive My Life provides access to essential road safety tools, including the NZTA/ACC Drive Toolkit.

Join Southern REAP in making our roads safer and empowering individuals with the skills they need to drive confidently and responsibly.

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