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Regional Partners Business Programme

​Great South proudly offers the Regional Business Partners Programme, designed to support Southland businesses in achieving their full potential. This programme provides access to expert advice, funding opportunities, and tailored support to help businesses grow and succeed in a competitive marketplace.

What They Offer

The Regional Business Partners Programme connects businesses with experienced advisors who provide guidance in areas such as:

  • Business Planning and Strategy: Helping businesses develop robust plans and strategies to drive growth.

  • Financial Management: Improving financial literacy and management practices to enhance profitability.

  • Marketing and Sales: Creating effective marketing strategies and sales techniques to reach new customers.

  • Innovation and R&D: Providing access to resources and funding to foster innovation and research and development.

  • Export and International Growth: Offering expert advice on exporting and expanding into international markets.


Tailored Support and Funding

Great South’s advisors work closely with businesses to identify specific needs and provide personalised support. This includes:

  • Capability Vouchers: Accessing co-funding for approved training and coaching in key business areas.

  • Research and Development Grants: Obtaining funding to support innovative projects and R&D initiatives.

  • Connections to Experts: Linking businesses with industry experts and mentors to guide their journey.

New to R&D Grant

Facilitating Innovation with Great South

The New to R&D Grant is now open for applications from eligible businesses. This grant, provided by Callaghan Innovation and facilitated by Great South, offers more than just research and development funding. Over a two-year period, it aims to enhance your R&D capabilities, ensuring long-term success in innovation.

About the Grant

The New to R&D Grant is designed to help businesses develop robust R&D capabilities. It prepares companies not just for their initial R&D projects but for sustained innovation over the long term. This grant also positions businesses to access future R&D funding through the Research & Development Tax Incentive.

Great South assists businesses in accessing this grant, providing the necessary support and resources to make the application process seamless. For more information, visit the Callaghan Innovation website or contact the Great South team at

Building Your R&D Capability

The New to R&D Grant is tailored to help businesses become consistent performers in R&D. It is not intended for one-off projects; instead, it focuses on long-term innovation to help businesses differentiate their products or services and enter new markets.

Great South provides funding and support to develop R&D capabilities in seven critical areas:

  • Understanding and using customer input

  • Intellectual Property

  • Regulatory and Compliance

  • Lean R&D

  • Project Management

  • R&D Information Management

  • Understanding the R&D Tax Incentive


Detailed support information will be available once eligibility is confirmed.

Funding Available

The grant covers 40% of both the proposed R&D activities and capability development activities, up to a maximum of $400,000. This funding is designed to set businesses up for long-term success in innovation.

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