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Industry Training Solutions


Industry Training Solutions (ITS) in New Zealand is the premier destination for comprehensive and practical training designed to elevate skills and career prospects.


Specialising in a wide array of industries, ITS offers NZQA accredited courses tailored to meet the demands of today's dynamic job market. From health and safety, hospitality, and retail to business management and customer service, their programmes are developed in close collaboration with industry experts to ensure relevance and applicability.

ITS is committed to providing top-quality training that not only meets but exceeds industry standards. Their experienced trainers bring real-world expertise to the classroom, offering hands-on learning experiences that are both engaging and effective.


Whether individuals are job seekers looking to enhance their employability or employers aiming to upskill their workforce, ITS provides the tools, support, and flexibility needed to succeed.

Join the many individuals and organisations who have benefited from ITS's innovative training solutions and take the next step towards a brighter, more skilled future with Industry Training Solutions.

Empowering your future

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