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Growing Future Farmers

Help cultuvate the future of farming andunlock your potential

Growing Future Farmers (GFF) is dedicated to equipping trainees with practical workplace skills essential for success on the farm. Trainees will learn a diverse range of skills, including shearing, 4WD training, fencing, chainsaw use, animal health, and dog training, beginning with an initial orientation course.

Each student will live on-farm, receiving a living allowance along with meat and vegetable payments. GFF ensures comprehensive support in each region with a dedicated support manager and access to subsidized equipment and clothing. Additionally, trainees will be provided with a heading and huntaway pup to aid their training.

GFF's core principle is straightforward: training "by farmers, for farmers." Their strategic priorities include:

Opportunity for Young People: Providing motivated young individuals the chance to enter the sheep, beef, and deer industry with confidence through supported training and development.

Employer-Led Career Pathways: Offering an industry-respected, employer-led career pathway that enables motivated young people to progress in their careers.

NZQA Approved Programs: Delivering NZQA approved on-farm programs based on proven methods and future-focused strategies.

Liaison Support: Offering essential liaison support to geographically isolated learners.

GFF is committed to fostering the next generation of skilled farmers, ensuring they have the knowledge, skills, and support needed to thrive in the agricultural industry.

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